Top 8 Best Jumper Cables for 2017

Top 8 Best Jumper Cables for 2017Many times, you might come across situations where your vehicle isn’t starting due to quick battery drainage.  Such problems commonly occur when there is an issue with the electrical circuit of the vehicle or if you happen to have left any switch ‘ON’, causing your battery to eventually die. This is when jumper cables will come handy. Such portable cables come equipped with clamps to fit onto your vehicle’s battery terminals to form a temporary connection between any other vehicle and pass current/voltage to jump-start your drained battery. Depending on the type of your vehicle, you can choose between light-duty and heavy-duty jumper cables, the one that best meets all your requirements.

Things to Consider Before Buying Jumper Cables

  • Cable Gauge: The higher the number of the cable gauge, the thinner will be the cable. Hence, pick the cable that has a lower number such as a 4-Gauge or 1-Gauge. The current that passes through the Booster Cables is supposed to be high enough for jump-starting the vehicle, and the thickness of these cables should be strong enough to withstand this power. For small-sized vehicles like cars, an 8-Gauge or 6-Gauge would be sufficient. However, for heavy-duty vehicles, you might want to look for a lower number Cable Gauge.
  • Clamp Design: The clamps of the cables should be well-designed and built to last. They must provide a high tension and better conductivity while tightly being secured onto the battery posts. The clamps that have a teeth-like design or a twice-grip design will be perfect for a secure connection with the terminals of the battery without slipping. Also, a rubber-coated shielding provided on the surfaces of clamps will offer prevention against accidents, burns, or shocks. They should be able to fit on the top as well as side battery posts easily.
  • Cable Length: The jumper cables should be long enough to provide a comfortable connection with any vehicle arrangements without hindering the access. Cables that are 12 feet long would prove good and anything above 12 feet would be the best for reliable use under any jump-starting conditions.
  • Manufacturer’s warranty: An ample duration of warranty period provided on the jumper cables will assure their build quality and performance. Hence, make sure to look for cables with at least 2 or 3 years of warranty period provided, so that you can easily instigate the replacement or repairing process if any defects occur.
  • Build Quality: The cables should have a low-temperature resistance to efficiently work under any bad weather conditions. Some models deliver a fairly good performance and are flexible to use in hot as well as cold climates, which is an additional benefit. Make sure that the cable is coated with a high-quality material for better functionality.

Comparison Table:

Top 8 Best Jumper Cables for 2017

Energizer 4-Gauge Jumper Cables

Energizer 4-Gauge Jumper CablesEnergizer proposes these 4-Gauge Jumper Battery Cables with 16 feet length so that they can adapt with any vehicle arrangements reliably without causing insufficiency. Featuring a Copper-clad aluminum construction, these cables are built for heavy-duty use and are of fine quality. Its no-tangle design keeps the cables amply flexible even at a temperature of -40° C. They can be used for any types of vehicles like trucks, SUVs, vans and so on. The insulated clamps are PVC-coated and offered in red/black colors so that you can quickly differentiate between them. These 400A high-tension injection clamps securely fit on the side as well as top post batteries. Energizer’s jump start cable design is made for All-weather use and does not cause any defects.

200 Amp Battery Booster Cables

200 Amp Battery Booster CablesThe DLUX 10 Gauge 200 Amp Booster cables are 12 feet long and built to be of superior quality. It has a quite well-made design that does not cause twisting whatsoever. With a dual construction, these cables also come with color-coded clamps for your easy recognition. The product comes all-included with a free carrying case for handily storing cables and prevents them from messy entangling in the trunk of your vehicle. These medium-duty cables can be used for cars, light-duty trucks, motorcycles, and almost all such other vehicles. Clamps have been designed with a textured area to ensure a secure and firm grip while you jump-start the vehicle. These clamps strongly fit on the top as well as side post batteries. Handy carrying case comes with complete instructions given onto it for your favorable use. Being just under $13 in price, these cables are pretty cheap and capable.

Performance Tool Booster Cables

Performance Tool Booster CablesWith its tangle-free design, the Performance Tool introduces these 4-Gauge 600 Amp jumping cables that are 20 feet long to adapt to any vehicle battery arrangement proficiently. These heavy-duty rubber-coated cables can be used for jump-starting heavy-duty trucks, SUVs, vans, etc. The highly durable Copper Jaw clamps are offered in red and black colors for quickly recognizing the negative and positive cables. These clamps can snugly fit onto the top as well as side battery posts for forming the perfect connection.

Professional Jumper Cables -1 Gauge

Professional Jumper Cables -1 GaugeDeliberately constructed to be of industrial strength, the Professional 1-Gauge car battery jumper cables are very powerful, featuring an 800 Amp rating and 25 ft. length of the cable. The tangle-free design keeps them mess-free and reliable to use anytime. The cables and clamps are color-coded to quickly differentiate between the negative and positive cables. Equipped with a Temperature-resistant shield, you can efficiently use these cables in hot as well as cold weather. The heavy-duty clamps are designed to be rust-resistant to ensure its maximum durability. This product comes all-included with a carrying case for your easy maneuvering. These portable jumper cables can be used for jump-starting heavy-duty vehicles like buses, boats, tractors, etc.

Cartman Jumper Cables- 10 Gauge

Cartman Jumper Cables - 10 GaugeConstructed for the top and side post batteries, the 10-Gauge 200 Amp Cartman Booster Cables are about 12 feet long for consistent use with any vehicle positions. The cable contains TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) insulation and can flexibly work even under -40°F. The clamps are designed with dual grips for an ideal connection and high tension. Made from copper-coated aluminum, these clamps are adeptly shielded for prevention against any accidental contacts or short circuits. The cables and clamps are color-coded for quick recognition. These no-tangle Booster cables are ideal to use for medium-duty cars and can efficiently resist motor oils, any chemicals, and moisture for a better dependability. The product includes a carrying case for hassle-free portability. Being just under $20, they are quite cheap and fairly durable.

Cartman Jumper Cables- 6 Gauge

Cartman Jumper Cables- 6 GaugeFeaturing a patented design of clamps, the Cartman 6-Gauge 400 Amp Booster Cables deliver a high performance and better conductivity. These car jumper cables are about 16 feet long to use with any vehicle arrangement easily without causing inadequacy. Made from TPR material, the cable can adroitly work even under a temperature of -40°F with ample flexibility.  The copper-coated aluminum clamps have a twice-grip design for creating a high tension and ensuring better conductivity. They can fit on the top as well as side battery posts. The tongue inside is exclusively designed to form a dual connection with the terminals of the battery. These ergonomically designed clamps are color-coded for quick identification and have a “UL” indented on them. The surfaces of these clamps are shielded for the maximum protection against any sort of accidents or short circuits. These no-tangle cables are perfect to be used by big cars, light-duty trucks, etc. The product comes all-included with working gloves and a carrying case as added bonuses.

20 Foot Jumper Battery Cables – 4 Gauge

20 Foot Jumper Battery Cables – 4 GaugeVersatilely designed to operate under all weather conditions, these 4-Gauge Jumper Cables are ideal to jump cable car, motorcycles, SUVs, trucks, vans, etc. These easy-to-use cables have a no-tangle design with about 20 feet of length to reliably use with any positions of arranged vehicles. The 400 Amp cables are color-coded to be black and red for quick and easy identification of the negative and positive cables. Constructed from copper-coated aluminum, the clamps are quite heavy-duty and fit snugly onto the battery posts. The product comes all-included with a carrying case for easy storage and is backed with an amazing Lifetime Replacement Warranty for your convenience. With about 4.8 out of 5 star Amazon Ratings and over 130 reviews, the Iron Forge Tools certainly offer good jumper cables.

20 Foot Jumper Battery Cables – 8 Gauge

20 Foot Jumper Battery Cables - 8 GaugeIron Forge Tools, yet again, introduces these 8-Gauge 400 Amps Jumper Cables that have a versatile design and are perfect to use for cars, vans, SUVs, trucks, motorcycles, etc. Having an Amazon rating of 4.8 out of five from over 200 reviews, the Iron Forge Tools offer the best jumper cables for 2017 at an affordable price. They are about 20 feet long to reliably use with any battery arrangement without obstructing the access. These easy-to-use cables have a complete tangle-free design and can be used under all weather conditions. The cables are offered in the red and black color-codes to easily differentiate between the negative and positive cables. The copper-coated aluminum clamps are much durable and securely fit on the battery posts. The product includes a complimentary carry case for handy storage and is backed by an outstanding Lifetime Replacement Warranty for the best after-sales experience.



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