5 Best Car Batteries

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best car batteries

A car battery is a relatively small, mostly rectangular box in the hood of a vehicle that provides the electricity for starting the engine and other functions. A car battery can serve for years and sometimes for the whole lifespan of a car for some users before they change vehicles. A car battery needs to be replaced sometimes but not often. It handles all the electrical functions of a car and in today’s environment where cars have more electrical functions than they used to and some are even added after purchase, a good car battery is necessary to bear the workload.. A car will not start without a battery and the battery needs to be strong and well connected too.

What to pay attention to when choosing car batteries

Some points to consider before purchasing a car battery include:

  • Price: staying within your budget is advised. Higher priced batteries do not guarantee better working quality than cheap batteries for cars.
  • Functions: as the vehicles differ in types and functionality so do their battery needs.. If your car is a newer model it probably has a lot of electrical components and you should get a car battery strong enough to sustain them.
  • Equipment: does your replacement battery of choice have all the features to fit your vehicle? What equipment is needed to insert the battery?
  • Manufacturer: there are top car battery brands out there but not every manufacturer creates their products to be compatible with every single car. That is virtually impossible. Look for brands that are generally compatible with your vehicle’s make and model.
  • Materials: the makeup of a car battery is very important to its functionality and lifespan. You do not want to have to change it frequently so look out for things like AGM batteries or dry cell batteries that are spill proof.

Dimensions: most car batteries are made to fit the space of most cars, but it is still paramount to check if the new one you are getting will fit into the battery space for your car.

Best car batteries in 2019

Bosch S6507B S6 Flat Plate AGM Battery – 5

Bosch S6507B S6 this battery has Energy Life technology that can provide extra life, up to  double the life of normal flooded batteries. This battery requires no maintenance through the entire duration of its life. It does not spill because of its spill proof construction. This car battery weighs 47 pounds and its dimensions are 12.5 x 11 x 9.9inches. This battery meets the high standards of starting and power supply even in the most extreme cold and hot temperatures and can handle up to eight times more charge/discharge cycles than a normal battery. The starting, stopping, short distances, and extreme hot and cold weathers puts great demand on the battery of a car. The strength of the AGM helps to recharge the battery almost twice as fast as other batteries would in these high demand situations. In Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology, an electrolyte is held between glass mat separators in the lead plates instead of flowing without constraint. The lead plates and glass mat separators are packed very tightly, and the dry cell batteries will not leak if the case splits. This means lifespan of the battery is increased alongside the high energy capacity /output of the battery.

Cheap Price
High Vibration Resistance
Big Size

Buy From Amazon

Top 4 – ACDelco 94RAGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 94R Battery

This best cheap car battery is pressure tested against leaks and is also corrosion resistant. The enhanced life alloy/ silver calcium stamped alloy increases its life cycle and gives this AGM battery increased performance. The calcium lead positive grid allows for low resistance while increasing conductivity. Acid circulation is increased by the Robust Envelope Separator which has a puncture-resistant bag. This technology prevents shorts, extends battery life, and helps the battery to remain cool. This cheap car battery from ACDelco  has high cycling capabilities and good charge receptiveness which is necessary for starting and stopping applications. The electrolyte is permanently held in the glass mat separator and doesn’t flow unhindered like other car batteries, so the AGM technology provides a leak and spill proof car battery. The amount of active mass lost from the battery’s grid is drastically reduced by the maintained pressure on the plates which in turn gives longer life expectancy. ACDelco offers this as a 100% maintenance free battery.. Oxygen recombination reassures optimal performance without the need for maintenance by reducing water loss.

High Density Negative Paste
Great Price
May be Problems With Charge Holding

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Top 3 – Exide Edge FP-AGM24F Flat Plate AGM Sealed Automotive Battery

This is the first and the only  AGM battery with SureLife graphite technology. This maximizes available energy capacity to enable the battery to perform at a higher level for a longer time. Your vehicle will perform perfectly and soundly with this battery because it designed to never fail. This battery is constructed with no spill AGM technology and is well equipped with the ability to handle the heavy electrical loads placed on car batteries today. In heavy use, hold ups, stop and go traffic, and vehicles with high demand for electricity, this battery has been tested and it outperforms conventional car batteries. It sustains excellent performance even in the toughest of automotive stress conditions. Exide is one of the good car battery brands available and this model is good for auxiliary battery replacement. It fits into many battery compartments  and has 710 CCA, 120 minimum RC and is 25A.

Long Time Charge Holding
High Cranking Power
Poor Support

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Top 2 – Optima Batteries 8004-003 34/78 RedTop Starting Battery

This high-performance AGM battery by Optima is one of the best starting batteries designed to give a mighty burst of ignition power for a reliable start up every single time. It is a very durable battery in applications that demand high cranking/starting. It can be used as a truck battery, an automotive battery and for other applications. . This battery produces normal engine starting whereby an alternator monitors the state of charge and supplies energy to the battery when needed. This includes diesel vehicles with no aftermarket electronics added, heavy equipment where starting is the primary function, and most stock automotive and RV vehicles. This battery has more than 15 times vibration resistance than other car batteries. It can be mounted in almost any position because it is spill proof. It has up to two times longer lifespan than normal batteries and a faster recharging rate. It is not the cheapest battery for a car but works well for a wide range of cars, trucks, and motorcycles. The unique spiral winding lead plate design is made of two pure lead plates, one positive and one negative, both with a coating of lead oxide. This construction is more expensive than flat plate AGM batteries but is also more precise.

Good Choice for Off-Road
Connecting Terminals are Small

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Top 1 – the best- Optima Batteries 8040-218 D35 Yellow Top Dual Purpose Battery

This battery offers premium cranking power and rechargeability. This battery is among the top car batteries for modern vehicles that are loaded with accessories and components requiring electricity. With over 40 years of history, Optima is one of the top rated car battery brands available and for good reason. It has up to three times longer life than regular car batteries and it requires absolutely no maintenance. It has up to fifteen times more vibration resistance than other batteries to keep it in position. You can set up this battery in virtually any position and it will not spill. It has a recharge cycle of 300 plus recharge/discharge for fast recharging even in extremely bad hot or cold weather.. There is a series of spiral wound cells of two, one positive and one negative, 99.99% pure lead plates coated with lead oxide. This spiral construction of lead plates is much more precision-controlled than the flat lead plates of AGM batteries. Tolerance to temperature fluctuations, humidity, and automated processes are better maintained and monitored for the quality process.

Good Choice for Off-Road
Good Vibration Resist
Optimal Starting Power in Cold Weather

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How much do car batteries cost

You may be surprised to learn how many times car problems are related to car batteries. Even cars that are over 20 years old may develop problems that seem overly severe, and yet they all boil down to a faulty, weak, or dead battery. The reason why so many car problems are linked to batteries is because cars need a certain number of volts and amps on a consistent basis, and even a slight fluctuation from something like a damaged, old, weak, or almost-expired battery will cause a range of car problems. Sometimes, knowing when to change car batteries is less about battery testing and more about car performance.

Even the best deals on car batteries are not going to be cheap. This is because finding the right battery for the right car is sometimes difficult. Our best place to buy car batteries link will help you find the best car batteries on the market, but keep in mind the type of battery you need. Your first point of reference should be your car manual. If you cannot find the paper version, then look online because most manufacturers have libraries full of old car manuals that you can usually get for free. Plus, there are quite a few websites that will tell you which battery type goes with which car.

Cheap car batteries are fine, there is nothing wrong with saving money, but you shouldn’t always go for the very cheapest of the cheap car batteries. There are three reasons why you shouldn’t automatically opt for the very, very cheapest car battery. The first is because the wrong/cheap battery may damage your car in a way that causes problems starting, problems with your electronics, and may even cause errors on your on-board computers/car-programming. Secondly, cheaper car batteries rarely last as long as a good-quality battery. Finally, car battery failure is one of the biggest causes of cars breaking down (besides flat tires), and there is nothing worse than being stuck in the middle of nowhere with a car that won’t start.

Top rated car batteries

Some of the most top rated car batteries on the market at the moment are Optima batteries 8016-103 d34m. They may look like batteries that you would find on a four-person yacht, but they are strong, reliable, durable, and they are growing in popularity.

Besides things such as battery power and size, the difference between Optima batteries is usually denoted via its color. BlueTop and YellowTop batteries are both deep cycle batteries, but BlueTop batteries have threaded studs and automotive (SAE) posts, whereas the YellowTops have SAE terminals only (except for D31T).

Getting the best price on Optima batteries is often difficult because they are in high demand. That people who get the best prices are the people who are willing to wait. If you need an Optima battery right away, you are going to pay far more than somebody who is willing to wait several weeks for delivery. Secondly, do not buy through a mechanic. It is far cheaper to buy the batteries yourself and then have the mechanic install it (unless you wish to do it). Mechanics will charge a premium for Optima batteries because few mechanics can get Optima batteries on a trade discount.

Cheapest car batteries

Do not opt for the very cheapest car batteries. There are plenty of reasonably priced cheap batteries, so if you are looking for low-cost car batteries, then search out the very cheapest battery that would fit your car, and then add about 10% and search for cars of that price. For example, if you have read any Kinetik battery review blogs, you will know that the Kinetik battery hc600 is not the cheapest car battery, it is probably the third cheapest, but it beats and dominates its competitors so thoroughly that you would be mad to buy its cheaper competitor.

A cheap Kinetik battery will last almost as long as a high-priced battery, and even though it is not as durable, it will still perform reliably for a lot longer than its cheaper competitors. A Kinetik hc600 battery is not built to last for tens of years, but it is built with the sort of precision that means you can rely on it to act when it is supposed to act, and to perform when it is supposed to perform. It isn’t going to beat any world records when it comes to high-powered starting in all temperature conditions (a title currently held by Optima), but a Kinetik battery will be there for you when you need it.

Another, lesser-known, fact about Kinetik is that they make some very powerful car batteries, which is a little unusual for a lower-priced manufacturer. Do you need 2000 Watts? Kinetik batteries will do the job. One of the most annoying problems that car owners face is when they buy a cheap battery and their headlights dim either when starting the car, or while driving around for short

How Car Batteries Work

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