Car Polishers

Car Polishers are used to clean up any metal surface that needs to be repaired such as when a car is dented or to get rid of oxidation which is prevalent with seafaring vessels. The car polisher is mostly used by panel beating repair workshops, car enthusiasts or in any application where paint work needs to be repaired and polished. It is required to do heavy duty work and needs to be well made to withstand long hours of operation and at the same time comfortable to use. It was designed to speed up the repair operation because doing polishing by hand is time-consuming but sometimes the preferred method.


Car polishers need to be robust and at the same time ergonomically designed so that the professional can use it for long periods of time. It is ideal that the car polisher functions in such a manner that it gives the operator flexibility and ease of maneuvering. Some of the features before one buys a polisher are listed below.

  • If it is a workshop then it is important to ensure that the polisher is robust and will withstand day to day work. As an individual, a smaller model will probably be ideal if it is only for occasional use.
  • The type of polishing discs it uses and availability of the discs.
  • What speeds it can operate at and the weight of the grinder especially if it is going to be used for long periods of time.
  • The type of handles that the polisher is fitted with to accommodate all the different angles
  • The safety guards and how robust they are?

Bosch GP7 12VS 120 Volt Large Angle Polisher

Bosch GP7 12VS 120 Volt Large Angle PolisherThe Bosch GP7 electric car polisher is fitted with a powerful 12 amp motor with a variable speed trigger and is perfect to get the desired results. It is ideal for polishing cars, marine use, and any paint imperfections that there might be. It is light weight weighing only 6 pounds with a no load the rpm ranges from 750 – 3000. The GP7 is fitted with a D handle allowing the operator to have multiple hand positions for extra comfort. It uses 7” discs and with its speed dial allows you to operate the polisher at the desired rpm to give the best results at all times.

The Bosch GP7 is not able to start slowly and build up to the rpm that you require but starts straight away at 750 rpm which makes it difficult to start smoothly. The 12 amp motor produces more torque making it suitable for heavy duty work. It has a very reasonable price and is well worth considering if you need extra torque.

TORQ BUF501X 10FX Random Orbital Polisher

The TORQ 10FX is designed for professional car polishers and the enthusiast will find this car polisher meeting all their expectations. The polisher was designed to give the user a well balanced, powerful electric car polisher that will give the best results for polishing and waxing. With the vibration reduction, the car polishing machine makes it possible for the professional or enthusiast to work for long periods of time without feeling the strain in their hands. The onboard digital controls allow for increased precision, ease of use and safety.

The TORQ FX10 is ideal for the enthusiast who needs to polish and wax their cars at home. It will get rid of all the oxidation and swirls, making the paint looking like new. The reviews are that the car polisher is good value and suitable for use even for beginners. The discs and polishers that are supplied in the kit, however, is not the standard that is expected. The TORQ 10FX is well designed and makes even beginners look like professionals and if the consumables were of high quality would make this car polisher exceptional value for money.

Meguiar MT300 Pro Power DA Polisher

Ergonomically designed with a billet counterweight, multi-bearing design, and precision balance makes it one of the smoothest car buffer polisher available. The digital torque management system maintains and adjusts the torque to maintain the loaded speed level. The speed is controlled by a thumb adjustable speed dial and the range is from 3000 – 7500 OPM (Orbits per minute) The Meguiar is not supplied with a backing plate because different users prefer different size plates.

Makita 9227C 7 Polisher / Sander

Makita 9227C 7 Polisher / SanderThe variable speed control makes it possible to control the speed to suit the application with electronic speed control which maintains a constant speed under different loads resulting in the perfect finish. The Makita has a soft start feature for smooth start-ups and the Makita 9227C easily converts to a sander. It is versatile and can be used for car polishing, marine detailing as well as stone polishing. The ergonomic handle with a lock-on trigger switch so that it operates at a consistent speed coupled with the loop handle makes for easier use.

The Makita 9227C works well as a car buffering machine and in the sanding function can be used in other industries such as the fiberglass, stone polishing and other sanding work that is required. It is a quiet well-built car polisher and a pleasure to work with. It is reasonably priced, great value for money and at under $200,00 will be difficult to beat.

Porter-Cable 7424XP Variable Speed Polisher

Porter-Cable 7424XP Variable Speed PolisherThe Porter-Cable 7424 6 inch polisher has a 4,5 amp motor for high overload protection and random orbit. It is fitted with a propriety counter balance and is used with a 6-inch sander or polisher disc. It is compact and only weighs 5 1/2 pounds and operates swirl free at variable speeds which range from 2500 – 6800 orbits per minute. With its roller ball construction, it is robust and designed to be used in industrial conditions. The handle is a side attached handle that can be changed from left or right depending on the user.

The Porter-Cable as a car buffer polisher is safe to use and with the ease of operation, the chances of burning the clear coat are slim. It is easy to use and if you are a person that does not have the confidence to do machine detailing this would be the car Polisher to try. If you are in the car care business the Porter-Cable 7424XP is definitely a machine you should consider.

Milwaukee 5460 Polisher with Electronic Speed Control

Milwaukee 5460 Polisher with Electronic Speed ControlThe Milwaukee5460 polisher is on the heavy side at 9 pounds but very comfortable to use. With the 0-1750 rpm, variable speed controlled by the trigger allows you to slow down or speed up depending which application you are using making it a very precise car polisher. The machine has a side handle fitted which can be changed for left handed or right handed users. The Milwaukee 5460 has an 11 amp motor which never bogs down even if you have deep polishing work to do. The discs are easy to change with the spindle lock and the cord has a quick-lock fitting so if you do happen to cut the cord it is easy to change.

It is a heavy duty machine and is quite heavy but being robust you are assured you have a machine that will last you a long time even with frequent use. The reviews for this machine are good and if you do use polishers and sanders on a daily basis this would be a good machine to invest in.

Flex XC 3401 Positive Drive Orbital Polisher

Flex XC 3401 Positive Drive Orbital PolisherThe orbital movement of the Flex XC 3401 simulates the movement of a person’s hand while polishing. This good polisher with its smooth running helps make sure that you get a careful precise finish. The machine is fitted with an ergonomically designed knob handle and with its positive drive ensures uniform movement even under load and with its large stroke, it has the capability of getting rid of holograms from black paint finishes. The Flex is fitted with a soft start trigger and will maintain a constant rotation under load to make sure that the best finish is achieved. One of the safety factors that the Flex has is that if the carbon brushes wear too low then it will automatically switch off to protect the motor.

The Flex XC 3401 is a good car polisher and where other polishing machines will fail there is a good chance the Flex will succeed due to the consistency you get with this machine. It is on the expensive side but with its superior capabilities robust build is good value for money.

Griots Garage 10813

Griots Garage 10813Griot has developed car polishes over the years and the Griot Garage 10813 is the third generation of the Griot car buffer polishers. The 10813 is powered by a 7 amp 850-watt motor which has 6-speed settings for the application that you would like to use it for. The handle is an adjustable loop handle so that you can have it at the most comfortable position for the user. It is one of the better car polishers for beginners because it is so easy to use and it makes the job look like it was done by a professional. A lot of thought has gone into the design of the machine and it is one of the better polishing machines which causes little hand fatigue.

The results that you get from Griots Garage are very good and it can just as easily be used for marine use. The Griots Garage 10813 is offered at under $150,00 and with the results that you get, it is good value for money.

Dewalt DWP849X

Dewalt DWP849XThe Dewalt DWP849X is the best car polishing machine and with its full ball bearing design is built to last and has exceptional performance even doing the most demanding jobs. The electrical module will maintain the rotation speed ensuring that you get the best finish and the user can set the rotation from 0 to 3500 rpm depending on what application is being done. The car polishing machine is fitted with a wool ingestion shield which prevents any wool ingestion increasing tool life and reducing tooling costs. The speed control button is conveniently placed so that the user can control the speed even if there is a lot of momentum. It is equipped with the exclusive Dewalt finishing system with a soft start which gives the best finish.

If you are looking for the best car polisher then the Dewalt DWP849 is the right car polisher to consider because through all the reviews it has the best features to ensure that you are able to get the best results. It is not a cheap model but it is well worth the money and investment.


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