Teen Driver Safety Advice

Freedom you have your g2 license which means you can finally be on your own in the car.
No more mom or dad tagging along with you whenever you want to get somewhere.
But before you get too excited about hitting the road without that second pair of eyes or cautionary voice beside you, let’s quickly go over some ways you can stay accident free by avoiding accidents through the tips we’re about to share. Not only do you stay safe but you will also maintain a good driving record.
You may not know this but if you can keep a perfect driving record for five years you can reduce the amount you and your parents pay for car insurance, and who doesn’t like to save money

So let’s get to it

There are three main causes of accidents on the roads today

  • driving while distracted;
  • driving when drowsy;
  • driving aggressively.

Remember driving safely is about being able to process the information that’s coming at you while you’re on the road and being able to respond accordingly.
If you are distracted, drowsy or angry at the car that just cut you off, your judgment and ability to react can be significantly affected.
In fact driver distraction is estimated to be a contributing factor:
in 8 out of 10 police reported crashes;
26 percent of fatal and injury crashes are related to fatigued driving;
you are 23 times more likely to be involved in a collision if you text while driving;
four times more likely if you talk on a cell phone while driving either handheld or hands-free.
Yet nearly three out of four Canadian drivers admit to driving while distracted.
So let’s talk about how you can avoid being one of these four wheel defenders and stay safe on the road.
Distracted drivers will talk on a cell phone, fiddle with their music, eat a cheeseburger, put on lipstick or check their texts while driving. It’s a no brainer to see how any of these activities can lead to a messy situation right?
But that’s the thing while it’s easy to get distracted while driving it’s also really easy to avoid getting distracted while driving.

Here’s how

Use your phone only when you’re parked, being stopped at a red light doesn’t count. Remember using your phone while driving can result in fines and in many provinces it’s illegal. Not to mention it’s just dangerous.
Get your music and temperature all set before you start driving, put on your makeup and comb your hair before getting behind the wheel, chances are you’ll do a better job anyway.
If you’re craving a snack – pull over to eat.

Drowsy drivers can be just as dangerous to themselves and others on the road

  • That’s because when you’re sleepy:
  • your brain starts to shut down;
  • your reaction time is slower;
  • you lose awareness of your surroundings;
  • your judgment is affected.

While it’s sometimes hard to avoid being tired while you’re driving, especially if you have late classes or a job that ends late at night here are some tips to keep in mind to stay awake and alert at the wheel:

  • avoid heavy foods before driving
  • if you’re taking medication be sure it doesn’t have any ingredients that may make you drowsy
  • keep the air cool and your eyes moving

Remember if you’re really sleep-deprived no amount of caffeine will help – so trade the coffee for a nap.
Finally there’s the angry driver you’ve seen him or her but you really don’t want to be that person. This is the driver who tailgates, speeds, cuts others off, and yells “ahem” profanities to other drivers.
When you’re driving, remember to keep your cool. Tailgating and speeding are very common causes of accidents. In fact 27% of fatalities on the road are caused by speeding.
Ultimately, road safety is about three main things:

  • Stay aware
  • Stay awake
  • Keep your cool


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