Top 8 Radar Detectors

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Top 8 Best Radar Detector 2016 - 2017

Top 8 Best Radar Detector 2016 – 2017

Radar detectors are primarily used to detect whether there are police cars or radar guns in the vicinity. These are especially useful if you are a person who travels a lot like a sales person and goes through lots of small towns. It will give you a warning if there are any radar devices in the vicinity and in that way save you a lot of money over a period of time. Not having to pay lots of speeding fines not only saves money but also keeps your record clear.

What is a radar detector?

A radar detector may be better known as a, “Police scanner detector” or a “Speed camera detector.” They have different names because there is a bit of a stigma surrounding these devices, and yet they are quite legal and are helping to save people’s jobs. Some people need a clean license to continue their careers, and this device helps to ensure you never forgetfully break the limit by identifying whenever a speed camera is nearby. Radar detectors will detect both established police cameras, and the police speed traps where officers use mobile speed checkers.

Which is the best radar detector? – Escort Passport 8500X50 Black

The very best radar detector on the market is the Escort passport 8500 x50 black radar detector. It has auto-learn technology that helps avoid false alerts. It actually learns which are real and which are false alerts using your GPS, and using the radar signals it receives. This laser detector also learns from the information that other devices send to it, which means you may have advanced warning about speed traps and standard speed cameras long before you actually reach them.

You may tailor your device to fit the way you drive. For example, if you want speed alerts, you can set them up, and if you want warnings on your mobile device, you can have them too. The Escort passport 8500 x50 black radar detector with blue display offers simple hands-free operation, and clear voice alerts based on the parameters you set. Over time, you will receive fewer and fewer false positives as your device learns, which means your repeated trips to work, school, and family houses will not be marred by repeated false alerts.

If you are a keen traveler or you travel for a living, then you may increase your protection with Escort Live, which is a feature that pre-loads information from thousands of locations so that you are made aware of various hotspots and areas where police are heavily active. Not only are the locations of established speed cameras noted, but also areas where police keep setting up speed traps. You may even connect to your computer and download the most up-to-date threat alerts so that you may plan your route on your computer according to speed-camera and police activity.

Escort Passport 8500X50 Black Radar Detector, Red Display

The manufacturer calls this vastly improved model the X50 and it comes in black, red led lights and a SmartCord which can all be fitted into the travel case for your convenience. It is a vast improvement over the older 8500 model and with the improved wide range signal detection gives it a superior range. It is fitted with Traffic Rejection Software which recognises signals from interstate traffic signals and only sounds an alarm if a real threat is detected. This makes the X50 very quiet to own and operate and is rated as a good police radar detector for cars. The display has 3 settings and the display a standard bar graph, exclusive expert meter and Escort Passport’s unique SpecDisplay.

The very bright display allows you to see clearly the information for the alerts, signal strength and for the programming that is required for you to customise it to your settings.

It is relatively cheap with the price below $200,00 and even though there are a few false alarms it is deemed a worthwhile buy.

360-Degree Radar and Laser Detection.
Three High-Resolution Meter Modes.
Ultra-Bright Matrix Display.
Easy customization for unique driving preferences.
Full Dark Mode.
Large size.
Cheaply made design.

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Best radar detector for your money? – Escort Max 360

By far, if you are looking for value, then the best radar detector for your money is the Escort max 360 radar detector. It uses auto-learn technology, which learns from both your GPS and your experiences on the road. It works hard to learn which are real signals and which are false.

You can drive around, and if you come across a false positive from something such as a non-police speed monitor, you can delete the alert, and the device will register your position and never sound off another alert when you pass that speed monitor in the future. What’s more, it offers 360 protection, which means it will detect signals coming from up high, such as when police are stationed on bridges, and it will detect laser signals coming from behind you as well as from in front of you. This also applies to its auto-learn technology, which means it will not sound as you drive in one direction and will not sound with a false positive when you are driving back.

This laser detector gives clear voice alerts to allow for hands-free use, and you can tailor what its alerts claim. For example, if you want speed alerts, then you can program them in to warn whenever you are going over a certain speed and passing a police camera. This gives you the opportunity, if you wish, to stop the device from activating when you are nearer a police scanner if you are not going over a certain speed.

There is also a real-time ticket protection system that actually links up your device with other road users. This means that if somebody using this device drove down your road earlier and passed a speed camera, then this device will give you advanced warnings based on what the other car recorded, which is such an impressive principle that it makes you wonder why others have not thought of doing it before this manufacturer did.

360-Degree Radar and Laser Detection.
Three High-Resolution Meter Modes.
Ultra-Bright Matrix Display.
Easy customization for unique driving preferences.
Full Dark Mode.
Large size.
Cheaply made design.

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Best budget radar detector

The best budget radar detector has to be the Cobra radar detector. It may not look like much from the outside, but it is packed with advanced technology that allows it to detect radars from both the front and the rear. It detects all X-bands and KA-bands, lasers and VG-2 signals, and it will even tell indicate how strong the signal is.

The cobra rad 450 cannot see around corners, but on a flat road with open conditions, it can see as much as two miles away. Even traveling at 60mph, you are getting up to two minutes of advanced warning. You may hire somebody to install your device for you, but it is so simple that all you need to do is follow the instructions and you can have your scanner up and running within a few minutes after opening its box.

It is a relatively cheap radar detector, which is why it cannot detect instant-on devices, but it does have an IVT filter system that reduces false positives from roadworks traffic lights and collision avoidance systems. No longer will you be annoyed by notifications you don’t need.

You may maintain your view of the road as you drive thanks to this device’s voice alerts. You may use and program this detector using its OLED screen, which will also show you a numeric figure that indicates things such as how strong the laser signal is, and it boots up very quickly so that it is on and scanning as you pull out of your drive.

All in all, this is a good cheap radar detector that offers standard protection from police scanners and speed cameras, and it comes with all the accessories you need such as the detection hub, windshield mount, power cord, its loop and its hook fastener.

Best motorcycle radar detector?

The best on the market at the moment is the Escort passport 8500×50 black radar detector. It is an easily mountable laser speed gun detector that is not only secure and reliable, it is also modest, which means it is not instantly noticeable on your bike while you ride.

It has all-band protection, which means it scans for all wavelengths of infrared laser, which means the most modern modulating speed cameras cannot trick your machine. The Escort passport 8500×50 radar detector also has advanced digital signal processing and 360-degree laser and radar detection. It has EZ programming installed, is simple to customize, and has an auto-sensitivity mode that reduces the number of false alarms your device gives. Thanks to its EZ programming, your radar detector arrives ready to use. Get started right away, or spend a little time customizing its settings before you ride.

It has both a mute and auto-mute function, which allows you to quieten or turn off your device’s sound during long radar encounters, such as if you are in heavy traffic and passing a standard speed camera. The ultra-bright display is also suitable for both darkness and bright sunny days.

This speed camera detector is a super heterodyne detector, which has a scanning frequency discriminator, Varactor-Tuned VCO, and DPS (Digital Signal Processing). Its laser detection is a quantum ltd video receiver that has multiple sensor nodes that are keyed in to detect laser radiation.

Apart from programming and customizing the obvious things such as brightness settings, you can also program it to ignore regular traffic sensors and cameras that you already know about. For example, if the builders down the street are using an IR traffic light that keeps setting your detector off, then you can pre-program it to ignore the lights. The same is true if you frequently travel the same road and you wish to stop hearing alarms for the same cameras over and over again.

In summary, this is a highly customizable and easy-to-program laser detector that is easy to mount, subtle in appearance, and that has a great user interface within its LCD screen. Get advanced warning about speed cameras and enjoy its convenience features that mean you do not have to


Buying a radar one needs to be careful what its capabilities are and how sensitive it is. Some radar detectors will have lots of features and will be quite technical making them difficult to use. It is advisable that they are simple to use and easy to attach to the windshield of the vehicle. Strong in construction and easy to take off for overnight or storage while being parked.

    • Price is important because generally the higher the price the more accurate the radar detector will be but at the same time you do not want to pay the highest price and at the end of the day, a less expensive model will do the job just as well.
    • As mentioned earlier the features must be simple and easy to use for most motorists.
    • Having a cop radar detector is a bit like having a mobile phone it is always easier to use the system one is familiar with.
    • Make sure the dimensions are suitable for the vehicle or vehicles it will be used in
  • Some upgraded models come with extra features so establish if it is worth the extra price

Top 5 Radar Detectors

🏆 Best Seller top2top3top4top5
Beltronics GT-7 Radar DetectorEscort RedLine 0100025-1 Radar DetectorBeltronics PRO200 Radar/Laser DetectorBeltronics RX65 Red Professional Series Radar/Laser Detector with Accessories Bundle (Blue)Escort Passport 8500X50 Black Radar Detector, Red Display
4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)
57 customer reviews
3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)
419 customer reviews
4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)
125 customer reviews
4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)
635 customer reviews
4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)
981 customer reviews
360° protection from all radar bands and laser. Detects 3 radar bands (selectable) and pop.Detection and separate alerts for Full X, K, SuperWide Ka, and Safety Warning System radar capability. AutoMode intelligently reduces false alarms.The Pro 200 provides eight times the sensitivity of any imported radar detector, including the latest POP mode threat. Optimized for all U.S.Full X, K, SuperWide Ka, and Safety Warning System radar capability, digital "POP" radar alert, and Safety Warning System message display.Blistering All-Band Protection.
360-Degree Radar and Laser Detection, Advanced Digital Signal Processing, AutoSensitivity Mode Automatically Reduces False Alarms, EZ-Programming Allows Instant Customization.
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Beltronics GT-7 Radar Detector

Beltronics supply some of the best radar detectors on the market. The total shield technology that Beltronics use is also the extremely good and it makes the Beltronics GT-7 Radar Detector totally invisible to other radar detecting equipment. The radar detector is fitted with an auto scan feature and filters out any signals that would normally sound a false alarm making the Beltronics GT-7 Radar Detector very reliable. It has multiple laser sensors that are strategically placed which allows it to give the maximum range and early warning. It comes pre-set for that North American market but has nine features which can be used to customise it to your specification. The Beltronics GT-7 Radar Detector comes with a clear digital voice alert which allows the driver to keep their attention firmly on what’s happening in front.

For added comfort, it has an auto mute and the alarm’s sound gets softer with time so that it does not become annoying. With the two inbuilt filtering systems, it is accurate both in city mode and on the open road.

New technology to reduce false alerts.
Very easy to install and use.
High-res graphic display.
A SmartCord with built-in alert lamp and mute button.
Quiet and powerful.
The data base of radar is USA only.
Expensive product, it is not good solution for saving money.
Device size is too large.

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Beltronics PRO200 Radar/Laser detector

Some users rate this as the best police radar detector on the market with its ability to detect any radar or laser guns that are in use in the US. It is pre-set to have the best protection but you are able to change these with the simple easy to use selectable options. The clear digital voice alerts allow you to keep your attention firmly on the road and it has a traffic sensor rejection system which reduces the number of false alarms. The display is easy to read from any angle and has various brightness levels making it visible in any light.

The Beltronics PRO200 is very reasonably priced and is under $150,00 and the users of this product are very pleased with the radar detector especially with the very few false alarms that you get driving through a city or town. With its low price, accuracy and ease of use, it is a radar detector that needs consideration if a person is looking to replace one or is a first-time buyer.

The Pro 200 is easy to read from any angle.
Clear voice alerts.
AutoScan and traffic sensor rejection.
One of the best noise isolation.
It gives very little warning for photo radar cameras and it gives plenty of false alarms.

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Beltronics RX65 – Red Professional Series Radar Detector

With its wide range of radar detection, this is rated as one of the top radar detectors. It has both front and rear detection and with the digital signal processing (DSP) gives it an excellent long range detection ability. The detector comes with a SmartPlug power cord making it easy to control right from your fingertips. The installation is very easy with the quick release mount which attaches to the windshield of the vehicle. If you do not want to leave it in the car overnight it removes easily with a snap and Beltronics supply a carry case for it to be stored in overnight or while you are on foot.

It is fitted with the safety warning system to let you know of any road construction, bad weather hazards and fast or slow moving vehicles. One of the advantages of the Beltronics RX65 is that it comes with a choice of LED light red or blue. This allows you to make choice of which colour would suit you.

One-year limited warranty.
Immune to VG-2 radar detector detection, so law enforcement cannot detect its use.
Easy customization to options for your specific driving style.
Ultra-Bright LED Display.
Good range.
It will not work good In Europe, UK, Australia, Asia and other countries.

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Uniden DFR7 Super Long Range Radar/Laser Detection with GPS

The Uniden DFR7 is rated as a good police radar detector for a car because of the very good price of less than $350,00 and its long range ability. It comes with a built-in GPS where you can record common radar alerts that you encounter warnings such as schools, red light cameras and where the police often monitor traffic speed. It will sound a voice note telling you that you are approaching such a point. The brand is not well known but they have been making radar detectors for a long time and in fact were the first manufacturers. The Uniden DFR7 is also easy to update from a USB and the installation time is about 1 minute.

For the price, this is a very good radar detector which has all the features that you need and that work very well. The sun does not shine off the unit and the GPS locks in very quickly. Well worth consideration.

Super Long Range Laser Radar Detection.
MAX Speed Warning System.
Ultra-Bright OLED Display.
DC Charging Cable and Suction Mount Included.
Does not have bluetooth.

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Escort Passport 9500IX Radar Detector – Red Display

This is a better model than the 8500 and is an excellent speed radar detector. It gives warning of radar devices from a very long way with its superwide Ka-band and POP modes. It provides a 360-degree laser protection and it also has a wide field view. The main advantage of the Escort Passport 9500IX is the built-in GPS system allows you to lock out permanently any places where false alarm have been detected and including automatic door openers. The radar detector comes preloaded with thousands of red light and fixed speed camera positions in locations throughout the USA.

The radar detected has been compared side by side with other older radar detectors or competitors models and in these cases, from the radar detector reviews, the Escort Passport 9500IX gave a far better performance and customer satisfaction. It is priced slightly higher than some of the radar detectors mentioned but at less than $350,00 it is still good value for money.

GPS Receiver.
Laser Detection.
Safety Camera Database.
The earphones aren’t as comfortable as some would like.

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Valentine One Radar Detector

The Valentine One Radar Detector comes with 360-degree laser detection, a rear radar antenna, Ku band detection and arrows to indicate the direction. This is the best police radar detector on the market. What makes it one of the best is the fact that it has one rear antenna and one mounted on the front. This gives very accurate radar signal and it will also show with the arrows where the radar detection is coming from. The great feature, if you have been a Valentine radar detector customer you can take it to the manufacturer, who will upgrade the hardware. The Valentine One Radar Detector not only has superior radar detection capabilities but it will also never be obsolete with it being able to be upgraded.

It is on the expensive side with it being just under $500,00 dollars but then it will be a one time purchase. With its superior quality and performance coupled with the manufacturer’s ability to upgrade it must make it the best radar detector.

1 year warranty, labor.
360° Protection against all types of Laser.
Rear radar antenna.
Ku Band Detection.
High price.

Buy From Amazon

 Escort RedLine Radar Detector

This radar detector is one the best radar detectors in 2017 regarding the sensitivity due to the twin antenna system. It also has one of the best shielding programmes making sure that it will not be detected by radar detecting equipment even the highly rated Spectre system. The Escort RedLine is fitted with a safety warning system and will alert you if there is any construction or maintenance on the highway, slow traffic and weather related hazards. It comes with a red led screen with 5 different brightness settings. The screen will display the radar frequencies including the signal strengths. It has the capability of detecting radar in front and at the back.

The Escort Redline 0100025-1 has a very good range and on the open road will give a good 2 to 3 minutes warning but unfortunately having this ultra-sensitive radar detector in a town gives quite a few false alarms. It does not have any false radar lockout mechanism so is not ideal for town driving.

High-performance radar/laser detector.
Total Shield technology makes the RedLine completely invisible to radar detectors.
Ultra-bright text display.
Service required after two weeks
Too many false alarms

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Test $50 Radar Detector and Than A $650 Detector – video

Radar Detectors (2)

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NameUniden DFR7 Super Long Range Radar/Laser Detection with GPS

Escort Passport 9500IX Radar Detector - Red Display

Valentine One Radar Detector

User Satisfaction Rate:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)
27 customer reviews
4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)
1818 customer reviews
4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)
360 customer reviews
Features:Ultra-Performance, Super Long Range Laser Radar Detection. GPS Built-In with Red Light Camera Alert and Speed Camera Alert.Laser Detection: Quantum Limited Video Receiver, Multiple Laser Sensor Diodes. GPS Receiver: SiRFstar IV.X, K, Ka, and Super Wideband Ka Detection. 360° Protection against all types of Laser.
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